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Listen to the whole new CD from KOKLE "Tur man mūžam neapnika..." on Radio Oira tomorow 03.01.2011 at 14.00 and 20.00 Latvian time (GMT+2).
02.01.2011 - The first CD from KOKLE "Tur man mūžam neapnika..." (I was never bored there..) is out now and is been played by Radio Oira starting 03.01.2011.

Kokle is a Latvian string instrument with a zither-type body and metal strings, which is quite easy to play, however, it takes some mastery to express one's most intimate feelings and the joys and sorrows of a human life.

Like the strings of kokle, the children and young people of the ensample KOKLE each have their own individual sound. But together they are KOKLE. Like the instrument's strings, they are brother and sisterswith one mother, Dina Liepa. Together they rejoyce and yearn, have fun and spend a great time.

The ensample KOKLE is one of the most active and experienced youth and children folk groups in Riga from which already several generations of young folk musicians have evolved. Based in "Riga Pupils' Palace" centre for children and youths, this ensamble offers the opportunity for children of different ages to learn to play several traditional music instruments, to sing and dance folk songs and dances, and to learn the traditions and seasonal celebrations of their own heritage. While playing and singing together at rehersals and concerts as well as participating in young musicians' workshops and festivals, the members of KOKLE have bonded into a big happy family with Dina Lepa as their leader and "mother". This is why former KOKLE members who have grown up and moved on to play in other folk groups happily return to their first first home. The repertoire of KOKLE has developed and expanded over the years and is enriched by the creativity and musicality of each participant. This first album by KOKLE presents songs about youth and the joy of living.

01.01.2011 - Happy New Year and stay tuned with Radio Oira for the whole 2011!!!

01.01.2009 - Thanks to all "Radio Oira" listeners all around the world and Happy New Year together with us!

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